The Lungi Project founders hated wearing pants in the heat. They wanted to wear the carefree lungis that they’d seen in India - they were the most comfortable when the temperature and humidity were high. The problem was they didn’t always look right. They were hard to pair with a simple polo when going casual during the day and impossible to dress up when going out at night. Plus there was always the risk the knot would slip making it hard to be truly at ease.

As they explored the various cultures in which men wore skirts - from Scotland to Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia - they realized there was an opportunity to update the traditional lungi. They met with traditional garment makers, documented the variations in style and production, and observed men wearing them in every day situations.

Inspired by what they saw, they went back to their workshop to bring some small but important updates to the humble lungi. Luxurious fabrics. Pockets. Buttons for security and sleekness. The Modern Lungi was created.


Comfort and style no matter how hot the climate.